Crockery Racks & Pot racks

Crockery racks, pot racks, tea trolleys, cutlery holders and clearing trolleys you will find them all here! If you want order in your kitchen then these items are essential to providing this. Various options are available; from mobile crockery racks on castors that you can push around easily to wall mounted crockery racks. If you want easy and space saving storage for your pots big and small, then choose a wall mounted pot rack, these are available in stainless steel for greater durability upon your request. Choose a mobile clearing trolley to collect or your dirty dishes from your tables for faster clearing and the right size tea trolley to create that elegant look in all your lodges/hotels rooms. For a permanent option then go for a wall mounted rack. We have 2 tier, 3 tier available in 400pcs or even 600pcs if you like.