A dishwasher is a very good way for you to streamline your cleaning operations and thereby increasing your kitchens efficiency as a whole. But there are a lot of factors that go into a choice for a dishwasher, chief among these is the volume of your kitchen. A small to medium sized restaurant / lodge would do well with an under-counter GS40 or GS50 front loading dishwasher. This will do up to 30 racks of dishes/glasses per hour. For a large 5 star hotel or for a restaurant seating 300 people or more than a hood type HT11, with a capacity to do up to 300 racks per hour, will be the optimal choice. For an even bigger application then the AX161 tunnel dishwasher will be the ultimate in high volume dishwashing. With an inlet table fitted with an overhead spray to wash off excess food before being loaded into the machine and an outlet table where your dishes can drip before being wiped and packed for re-usage.

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DIHR Dishwasher GS40 Under Counter - DWD0400
220v 1phase total power 3.05Kw The perfect unit for a small sized restau..
DIHR Dishwasher GS50 Under Counter - DWD0500
220v 1phase total power 3.45Kw The perfect unit for a medium sized restaurant..
DIHR Dishwasher HT11 Hood type - DWD0011
380v 3phase + neutral 1,1kw pump 35Lt wash tank (total power 13,12kw) The ide..
DIHR Glass Washer GS35 Under Counter - GWD1000
220v 1phase total power 2.1Kw The idea unit for a small canteen / c..
DIHR Tunnel Dishwasher AX161 - DWT0161
380v 3phase + neutral 23kw dish washer Tunnel dishwasher , the ideal partner in proffes..
OmniWash Hood Type Dishwasher - DWO1009
380v 3phase + neutral 9kw dishwasher The perfect entry level unit for a new establishme..

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