Food Display

They say ‘you eat with your eyes first’. It’s because of this food has to be displayed in an appetizing and appealing manner. A well laid out buffet, spread over matching table cloths, or delicious golden brown pies in a stainless steel pie warmer with glass doors. Or picture a butcher with different cuts of meat and perfectly cut chops on display to greet as you walk into your favourite store. There’s nothing like a supermarket Deli with a heated display showing pap, rice, mutton curry, grilled chicken and vegetables through the deli curved glass bain marie to whet your appetite. Food display is an important part for any establishment. Hence we have created a wide range of heated, ambient and refrigerated display options. One can also choose between floor standing or table model options that will help maximise on space. But you will be guaranteed maximum product exposure with all of our display options.

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