Cleaning Equipment

We believe that a kitchen is only as clean as it floors, but the key to clean floors is the right cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment has changed significantly over the years and has become more efficient. There a wide range of floor mops to choose from, these come with complimentary buckets. These buckets can also come with optional wringing mechanisms for fast wringing of mops to allow quicker cleaning of larger areas. Buckets also come with convenient castor wheels for easy moving. The law requires a ‘wet floor’ sign to be displayed whenever floors are being mopped to warn all passing pedestrians to watch their step. Brooms, dustpans squeegee’s we have them all, we can cater for all your cleaning equipment needs.

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Double Plastic Bucket & Wringer - PBW0002
Double bucket with mop wringer made from durable plastic with wheels for easy mov..
Geerpress Bucket & Wringer (Red) - GPB0001
Complete floor cleaning set Includes bucket and wringer Sheet metal housing ..

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