Combi Steam Ovens

Our combi steam ovens will turn any good chef into a great chef. Combining steam to a conventional oven has created the ultimate all round cooking, grilling, steaming, roasting and baking unit. A combi steam oven is capable of cooking almost everything from a roast beef to grilled chicken, grilled steak, baking pies, croissants, biscuits and pizza to steaming vegetables. Our combi steam ovens come with the best technology with up to 99 programs all a chef has to do is set the program and the machine does the rest. For example when preparing a chicken, you set your program and the oven does the rest for you. The oven will first steam the chicken to ensure all round and even cooking, then finally it will grill the chicken to attain the golden brown look on the outside, this is all done without the chef doing anything else to the oven during the process. The advantages of this type of cooking is that not only is it fast but its healthier and cost saving because it maintains all the nutrients and doesn't dry out the food, meaning you only loose up to 20% of your uncooked weight, compared to a conventional oven that loses up to 40% of your uncooked weight. Having one of our combi steam ovens will be a real investment for your kitchen.


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