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Are you looking for a quick defrost, or maybe you want to warm up your customers pies. Every modern kitchen has a microwave to complete its catering equipment arsenal. Whether it’s to warm up ingredients, or to whip up some microwave pop-corn, or if you want to roast a chicken then you need a microwave. This versatile piece of catering equipment is essential for the smooth running of your kitchens.

Toasted ham and cheese on white bread please! Are these questions that your customers ask you? Then you need to have a perfectly working toaster. You can opt for a pop up toaster in 4 or 6 slice, or for a more compressed look then a flat top toaster is what you need. 6 slice or the larger 9 slice toaster is what you need. Handy tip invest in a non-stick toaster then you will never have to put tin foil on your toaster ever again. For a char toasted look then you can choose a Panini toaster. We have a toaster for every end of the market from the bottom end for a start-up business to the very best quality. Have a look at our range.

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Anvil 9 Slice Toaster - TSA1009
220v 9 slice electric toaster Total power 2.15kw High quality flat top ..
Anvil 9 Slice Toaster Non Stick - TSA2009
220v 9 slice electric toaster with non stick plates Total power 2.15kw Fitte..
Anvil 9 Slice Toaster Panini Delux Non Stick - TSA5009
220v 9 slice electric toaster with non stick panini plates Total power 1..
Anvil 9 Slice Toaster Panini Plate - TSA9009
220v 9 slice electric toaster with panini plates Total power 2.15kw ..
Menumaster 17Lt Heavy duty microwave 1800w - MWM1800
230v drawing 1800w Oven cavity dimensions 330 x 305 x 171mm Total oven capacity 1..
Menumaster 34Lt Heavy duty microwave 1100w - MWM1100
230v drawing 1100w Oven cavity dimensions 368 x 381 x 216mm Total oven capacity 3..
Sharp 28Lt Industrial Microwave 1000w - MWS1000
240v single phase, total power 1000w Internal cavity dimensions 335 x 360 x 195mm ..

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